4 ft LED 14 Watt T12 & T8 Bulb - Plug & Play - 2,047lm - Pack of 4 ($13.00 per bulb)

SKU: T12PP-3002-30K

Color Temp: 3000K
$ 52.00
Replace your existing fluorescent T12 or T8 Tube with our new LED Plug & Play T12 & T8 Tube. It is the easiest way to replace a linear fluorescent light bulb with an LED solution. This plug and play bulb allows you to leave your existing ballast in your system, while upgrading to the energy savings of LED technology. Made with a full shatterproof glass housing, this bulb will not bend, age or yellow. For additional energy savings of 20 to 30% use with low ballast factor ballast or lighting control system. Installation is easy and saves money. Just change the existing fluorescent lamps without the need to rewire the light fixture. Install LED lamp using existing fluorescent ballast. This bulb is multi operational designed for operation on both T8 and T12 ballast types. Good choice for Contractors and ESCO’s when the ballast type is not known and different lamp types are on a project. The Multi-Op LED product is the most versatile LED linear lamp on the market today. The bulb is also compatible with most existing fluorescent emergency ballasts.
Applications Include:
  • General lighting (office, education, medical facilities)
  • Warehouse and distribution (high bay fixtures)
  • Cooler and refrigeration
  • Display case and shelf lighting
  • Parking garage Energy Savings over 40-50% when compared to existing fluorescent T8 and T12 electronic and magnetic ballasted fixture applications.
Wattage 14W
Lumens 2,047lm
Length 4 FT
Material Shatterproof Glass
Color Temp 3000K/3500K/4000K/5000K
CRI Ra>83
Input Voltage 120V
Average Life 50,000 hours
Type Plug and Play replacement for fluorescent T12 & T8 bulb
UL/DLC Approved
4 Piece
Guides and Information

The difference between plug and play, hybrid, direct wire.

It is not breaking the news that business in today’s world has started moving from fluorescent lighting to LED lighting. I’m sure you’ve seen many articles today paring the wires and comparing all the cables. Not saying that’s bad, but we’ve added a little bit to that. in this article, we will be sharing with you the difference between plug and play, hybrid and direct wire. One thing they all have in common is the fact that all of them are linear LED Solutions.

The difference.

So, it is safe to say that if you want to move away from linear fluorescent to linear LED, these are some of the options you need to take a second look at.

  • Plug and play.

For those who don’t know, plug and play are an example of LED Solutions. How are they different from the rest? Well, simply put, it is a one-for-one swap out of the real linear fluorescent lamp. The lamp in question tends to work directly with the present existing fluorescent ballast. That is why it is a known fact that there isn’t any need for rewiring or change in ballast.


  • Plug and play Linear LED is easy to install, thanks to the lamp which snaps into the existing fixture without the need for wiring modifications and any other installation related drama.
  • Safety-wise, it reduces the number the installer will spend on the ladder while fixing or installing.


  •    The issue of upfront cost.
  •    The ballast compatibility is worth taking a look at.


  • Hybrid wire.

Also known as dual technology linear LED or UL type A and B. The Hybrid linear LED lamps are known for their versatility. They work both as a plug and play, and that is with the existing ballast. The Hybrid wire can also work off of line voltage once the ballast peters out, removing it won’t be a problem.


  • Talk about real flexibility – the hybrid wire are designed to work for both the existing fluorescent ballast and by bypassing it.
  • The installation is quite easy – similar to the plug and play, the hybrid snaps into an already existing fixture without the need of wiring modifications.


  • Meanwhile, one of the cons of Hybrid is the fact that the safety risk is something you may need to consider. The sockets will be carrying line voltage, for that one has to consider electrocution.
  • The DLC listing issues.


  • Direct wire.

The Direct wire linear is also known as Ballast-Bypass or line voltage. Unlike the rest works directly off the line voltage (I guess that rings a bell: The Name) flowing to the sockets. It usually requires you removing the real fluorescent ballast.


  • One major benefit of using the Direct wire linear is that it doesn’t require ballast maintenance.
  • The lamp wattage is same as the fixture wattage.


  • The fixture needs to be rewired.
  • The risk of been electrocuted.
  • The uncertainty in the perfect wiring.

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